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Swimming Pool Opening and Closing Services

Relax and let the TFI team prepare your above-ground and in-ground pool for the upcoming swimming season. Having your pool professionally opened and closed is convenient and can save you from costly repairs.

We know that opening and closing your pool can be time-consuming and challenging. That is why we provide a comprehensive pool opening and closing service to ensure your pool is ready for use and adequately protected throughout the off-season. 

When it's time to open your pool, our team will ensure it's ready for use. We'll remove your cover and thoroughly inspect your pool to ensure it functions correctly. We'll also start your pump and filter system, balance the water chemistry, and add any necessary chemicals.

Some of our Above Ground and In-Ground Pool Opening Services include:

  • Removing your pool cover 

  • Reconnecting your pool equipment (filter, motor, heater, skimmer, and more when included with your service needs)

  • Turn on your pool system and treat your pool with your pool chemicals 

Properly closing your pool can optimize the likelihood that your pool will be clean and damage-free through the winter months and ensure your family will be swimming as early as possible the following season. Let our professional team give you peace of mind that your pool is closed and winterized correctly. 

TFI Pools manages many of our installed pools' opening and closing services. We have the most current information on your pool, and our team is best equipped to perform the required work to keep these pools operating.

TFI Pools will do pool opening and closing services for pools not initially installed by us based on the resources needed to perform these services and other additional factors.

At our Pool Opening and Closing Services, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest service and quality.


Contact us today to schedule your pool opening or closing service and take the hassle out of pool maintenance.

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