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NJ Above Ground Pool Installer, Builder, and Contractor 

TFI Above Ground Pool Installation Process

At TFI Pools, we pride ourselves on providing dependable above-ground pool installations throughout New Jersey. We install all the major above-ground pool brands and pools from The Pool Factory, any online store, and any retailer.

Knowing the process of your pool installation service is essential to a successful pool installation. Please note that the process will vary with each pool, location, and customer's preferences. The services outlined below are for reference only.  

Above-ground pool installations have several steps and should be completed by a professional pool installation company.


When a TFI Above Ground Pool is installed, our installation team will:

  • We will level the ground – the ground surface for your pool must be firm and solid. The pool area must be free of debris, rocks, roots, or other sharp-edged objects. When it comes to pool leveling, TFI has all the equipment and tools required for leveling out the pool area and prepping the land before installing your above-ground pool.

  • We will assemble and level the pool walls and posts to the manufacturer's specifications.

  • We will install the pool liner to your swimming pool structure. 

  • We will assemble your filter and pump systems and install the heater and salt system when included in the service agreement. 

  • We will test and adjust the pool's systems.

  • We will stack the pool boxes so you can easily discard them.

  • We will ensure that proper installation and safety regulations are met.

Your Above Ground Pool will be installed and ready for you and your family to enjoy in just a few hours. 

TFI Pools Installations do not include the following steps. You will be responsible for this, which we can assist you with if you have any questions.

  • Permits via your county/city

  • Water to fill

  • Backfilling, landscaping, or drainage

  • Tree or stump removal 

  • Dirt removal from the pool site

  • Electrical work and connections

  • Removal of fence for access to your yard

  • Removal of huge rocks, stumps, or anything under the ground found during the grading process that extends or hinders the grading.

  • Assembling and installing your pool ladder or pool steps (must be placed in the pool after the pool is filled)

Replacing Your Existing Above Ground Pool

TFI Pools can help you fix, replace, or remove your above-ground pool.

TFI can replace any above-ground pool. Depending on the extent of the damage, our team can restore or rebuild your pool.

At TFI, we're dedicated to providing the best products and services to help you make the most of your backyard. Contact us today to set up the replacement installation of your above-ground pool, and you'll be able to use your new pool in no time.

As an above-group swimming pool service company, our team will handle everything from start to finish, including addressing any safety hazards, pool replacement, equipment upgrades, and more. Keeping you and your family happy and safe is our top priority.

Schedule Your Above Ground Pool Installation Now

We start installing and building above-ground pools starting April 1st—book now if you want your pool installed early in the swimming season. Because of the nature of our work and how weather affects installation, it is essential to schedule your pool installation as soon as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your pool installation and start enjoying the benefits of owning your new above ground pool!

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