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FAQs About TFI Above Ground Pools Installations

  • What are the type of above ground pools do you install?
    We know all the major above-ground pool brands and can install pools from The Pool Factory, any online store, and any retailer. ​ Some Popular Suppliers and Retailers we install for: The Pool Factory Pelican Shops ROYAL Swimming Pools ​ Some Popular Brands we install: Aqua Leader Above Ground Pool Celebration® Above Ground Pool Seaspray Wilbar International
  • What are the advantages of an above ground pool?
    There are many advantages to an above ground pool. Here are just a few: Easier and faster installation Costs less Requires less maintenance Repairs are less expensive Fewer recorded drownings
  • What information do I need to start the process of designing a new pool?
    You will need to provide our team with the details of where you plan to install your new pool and any features you are wanting to include.
  • Is there a better time of year to build a swimming pool?
    We have in-house teams that allow us to control the schedule and work easier around weather concerns in the installation process.
  • What are some of the features I can add once my above ground pool is installed?
    After we install your pool, you can have many additional features added to your backyard to enhance your pool. Some examples include: Lighting, heating, and you can have a wood deck built around your pool with beautiful landscaping.
  • When should I open my pool?
    Most people open their pools around late April or early May. You want to have a week or two to get the pool up to a regular schedule so that when the hot weather arrives, you're ready to swim.
  • When should I close my pool?
    Early to mid-September due to leaves falling, temperatures starting to drop and most children are returning to school.
  • What should I prepare for the day of my installation?
    This is what you will need to have ready before we arrive for the pool installation: Your Pool - Have your pool at your house before installation. We can move the pool once we arrive, so you can store it wherever you choose. Water - Have access to water and a garden hose that will reach into the pool as we will be running water during the installation. Electrical Outlet - We will need to plug in cords to assist with the installation. We will review this in more detail prior to your scheduled installation.
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